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3D and Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Grow your sales through interactive 3D and AR shopping experiences.

All-in-one solution for product visualisation online.

The one platform to store, customise, embed and display all your 3D models on the web.

Easy to use, fast to grow your conversions.

How does it work?
We accelerate conversions through interactive 3D visuals for eCommerce

Trusted by Experts around the globe

Augmented Reality

Experience online products in your own space through webAR. Give your shoppers the possibility to try out every possible product customisation you offer in their own space through augmented reality.

3D Configurator

Visualise all possible variations of your products in 3D and augmented reality (AR). Allow your customer to be in control of making your product their own. 

Virtual Photography

Create instant high-quality product photos with a single click, to use in any promotional materials.

Learn how virtual photography from your 3D models could help you get better product images and help you save money.

Download our Ultimate Guide

3D and AR for eCommerce.

  • Learn why your competition is using 3D product visualisation.

  • Find out about the core benefits of using 3D product visualisation and Augmented Reality for various eCommerce industries.

  • Gain a deeper insight into the terminology.

Partnership Program


Our customer's are our priority

What are our clients saying?

Part & Whole

Guy Ferguson, Founder

“Our debut product Total is actually an open ended system, utilizing shared components that can be built in an endless variety of configura- tions. We needed to be able to communicate this flexibility in a simple and impactful way, without overwhelming first time customers with too much information.”

S&A Living

Nicholas Acquroff, Founder

“Your customer service is exceptional. You guys are intelligent in the way you think about things, you provide solutions to our problems, you’ve helped us model everything, and you’ve gone outside of your normal scope when we’ve needed it.”

Aritco Lift AB

Klas Dybeck, CIO/CDO

"We looked forward to developing this 3D and AR solution in collaboration with Vobling & Sayduck. It gives our customers and partners around the world the opportunity to tailor and visualize our lifts in their intended environment. By broadening our range of digital services, we continue to be

one of the leading players in our industry."

What's new on
Sayduck blog? 

Why Sayduck?

Today eCommerce must use captivating visuals.
We at Sayduck help you create those visual shopping experiences to drive sales. 

Create unlimited configuration options

Visualise all your product variations in one page, with Sayduck platform. Created to get you started within minutes. 

One powerful platform for all 3D visualisation

Upload, store, manage, configure and embed all your 3D models. Learn more about the platform here

Improve conversions with Augmented Reality

Completely appless augmented reality, straight from your website. Did you know that shoppers are 60% more likely to buy more when interacting with Augmented Reality. 

Exceptional customer & product support

We will help you along every step of the process. In our company everyone does customer support, which is how we ensure that to provide best results and improvements for our customers.

See how it works for yourself. 

Rotate, change materials and try it out in augmented reality - these are just a couple of the features Sayduck Platform offers. 


Send us a message and we will help you!

Not sure how to get started?

Why Sayduck?

Today eCommerce must use captivating visuals.

We at Sayduck help you create those visual shopping experiences to drive sales. 

Improve brand trust and
excite your shoppers
  • Reduce returns by 40% through interactive 3D visualisation.

  • ​​​​​​61%​​ of shoppers prefer shopping in stores with AR over stores without it. 

  • Create consistent 2D visuals with Virtual Photography. Endless product photos for all your marketing needs - only one click away. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Increase engagement and
drive conversions

Our customers have shown an instant 10% increase in sales after adding Sayduck 3D Viewer to their site. Your shoppers are more likely to remain engaged with your website, when it offers interactive elements to it, such as a 3D viewer. Try it out here.

It's the one platform for all
your 3D needs
  • Easy and intuitive UX, lets you embed your first model within minutes. 

  • ​Upload, store, manage, configure and embed all your 3D models in one place.

  • Unlimited color, size and material variations for your products.

  • Create stunning 2D visuals for your marketing with one simple click. 


Grow your sales with Sayduck 3D Visualisation.

Book a free demo to see if Sayduck is the right solution for you, or go ahead and claim your free trial.

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