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How to get 3D models - And why?

How to get 3D models and what are the benefits of 3D models

What are the benefits of having 3D product models?

Before we look at how to get 3D models yourself, let's find out why we need them in the first place!

Once a distant thought in the future, 3D models are today an integral part of many businesses because of the many benefits they offer, especially online. They hold and relay an immense amount of information and bridge the gap between imagination and reality, which helps companies drive sales. 3D models bring products to life and create engaging eCommerce experiences, especially when used in augmented reality, which in turn also significantly reduces the need for returns.

There is a multitude of ways to obtain them. From trying out yourself with the latest technology to 3D agencies and freelancers, the choice is yours. And the most important thing? The price of getting a product 3D modeled is probably not as bad as you think.

Let’s dive deeper into how to come by 3D models and what the benefits are, especially for eCommerce businesses.

Top 6 Benefits of 3D models

  1. Drive sales. 3D models remove friction and uncertainty in the purchasing process for the customer. Customers have a better understanding of what they are buying, which will lead to more sales and fewer returns. According to Shopify, vendors that added 3D visualization on their eCommerce site saw a 94% increase in conversions.

  2. Cut costs. 3D & AR will help you save on logistics costs. According to the Shopify study above, 3D and AR reduced the need for returns by 40%. You can also show different customization options online, without having all of them physically available in your warehouse.

  3. Engagement. With 3D & AR you can create a more engaging and immersive eCommerce experience. Many 3D & AR users have recorded longer website sessions by their customers.

  4. Pricing. The prices of 3D models have come down over the years, because of the many different ways to get 3D models, which makes them great investments that are worth every penny.

  5. Augmented Reality. 3D Models can be used to show the product in AR. With WebAR, users can see how the product looks and fits in their own homes in an instant. Shoppers that view a product in AR were almost 20% more likely to purchase the product, according to the Harvard Business Review.

  6. No photoshoots needed. Say goodbye to the arduous process of planning and paying for a product photoshoot again and again. You can have your product photo as a photorealistic 3D model easily with a few clicks.

An example of a 3D model and configurator made by our modeling team for Bayck

Where to get 3D models?

Sayduck modeling team As a full-service 3D company, our 3D modeling team can handle your modeling needs. It is an easy and simple process, that requires little effort from you.

  1. We begin with photographs of your product. Many photos from all the different angles, with some closeups and wider shots as well as dimensions of the product, so that our modelers get a realistic picture of the product.

  2. After that, our modeling team gets to work on creating the 3D model.

  3. Time for a review. We make sure that the model is good quality and that it matches the original product. One round of customer revision is included.

  4. Model delivery. Once everyone is happy with the product, the product is released to the customer and it is ready to be embedded onto a website

Book a demo to talk about how our modeling team can help you!

A 3D model by Umage

3D Agency

Another option for obtaining 3D models is to hire a 3D agency to help you out. An agency will most likely have the resources, experience, and network you require, especially if you hope to model a larger portfolio of products. With an agency, such as Baked Moon Studios or Ikarus, you can outsource most of the steps required to obtain 3D models and let them handle everything regarding them.

3D Freelancer

If your freelancer network doesn’t stretch out to 3D modelers yet, that might need to change. The internet is full of professional and capable 3D modeling freelancers with amazing skills and hundreds of hours of 3D modeling work under their belt. Starting with a freelancer might be a good way to get slowly started in implementing 3D models in your business. You can look for freelancers on Fiverr, for example.

3D modeling freelancers on
Freelance 3D modelers on Fiverr

Try yourself!

You can also create 3D models yourself using 3D modeling software. It’s really not too difficult! With the availability of free or low-cost 3D modeling software like Blender and Maya, creating your own models has become more accessible than ever before. Many of these software packages are also available with tutorials, documentation, and other resources to help you get started and produce good-quality models. The learning curve may be a bit steep, and it may take some time to master but it is doable!

Blender 3D models
Screenshot from the Blender software.


With photogrammetry software, you can make 3D models in an instant. By taking multiple photos or videos of a product from different angles and using specialized software, the images can be combined to create a detailed 3D model. Some of the results sometimes need some touchups afterward, but the technology evolves constantly and could potentially be even more of a game changer in the future. Have a look at the process and results on Lumalabs' website.

Photogrammetry workflow by alicevision
Photogrammetry workflow - picture by Alicevision

Final words

In conclusion, obtaining 3D models has never been easier. With the availability of online marketplaces, professional 3D artists, and 3D modeling software, you can quickly and easily acquire high-quality models for any project. The possibilities and benefits of 3D models are immense. As time passes, more and more companies will start using them and customers will expect it from the eCommerce businesses. So go ahead and take the first step today!

If you're unsure of where to begin or how our Platform works, book a demo with us, and our experts will gladly help you make sense of it all!


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