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  • Ville Sormunen

Umage Case Study

Making an effort offline and online

Furniture companies are among the top companies that benefit the most from 3D and Augmented reality technology. 3D and AR create the possibility to bring the product and shopping experience to life and enable companies to take the next step towards eCommerce success.

Let’s have a look at how the Danish furniture manufacturer Umage took this innovative step with Sayduck’s 3D and AR Platform and how it paid off.

Umage is a danish furniture manufacturer who uses 3D & AR to promote their products

About Umage

Beautiful clear lines, Scandinavian design, and unique products. The word ”Umage” is Danish for ”making an effort”, which describes Umage to the point. They strive to make affordable design that connects high-quality materials and sustainability. Umage started using Sayduck’s 3D and Augmented Reality platform to create an immersive eCommerce experience that would drive more sales. And they managed it very well.

But how did it come to it?


• Presenting products in a realistic manner that shows what complex products look like in real life

• Creating a shopping experience online that resembles visiting a physical store

" [Before] We only used static product images. The challenge with that is that especially when shopping for interior, online consumers wish to be able to engage with the products as they can in a physical store." Says Hannah Suder of Umage

The original problem felt complicated, to begin with: How do you present high-quality, complex products online in a manner that lives up to the original product standards and also resembles the experience a customer has visiting a physical store?

The answer? That's right, you guessed it: you present products online with 3D and Augmented Reality.

Before, Umage used only static photos of their furniture online. This was problematic as the images did not serve justice to the products and intricate designs they carried with them. The eCommerce experience provided to the customer fell short, as consumers nowadays wish to engage with the product online similarly to the way they would engage in a physical store.

3D and AR to the rescue!


So, to make an effort, Umage decided to showcase its products online with the help of 3D and AR. With 3D, the customer can twist and turn the product to see what it looks like from every angle and customize product colors and possible add-ons. While with AR they can see how well it fits in their home directly with their phone.

The beauty of this is, that with Umage's products being beautiful and intricate in design, Umage can have a presentation as unique as the product itself and bring out the different lines and features with 3D and AR. This way, the online shopping experience closely resembles going to a physical store. And even more so, as customers can try them out virtually at home.

Using 3D & AR to present their products truly makes sense, as the customers get a better understanding of what it is, that they are buying.

”With the 3D Viewer, our customers can enjoy a 360-degree view of the product and by using the AR viewer our customers can get a better idea of how the product will look in their own home, while not having to go into a physical store but shopping from home.”

Making an effort online as well as offline pays off in multiple ways. From how the products are presented and what information is given to the consumer, to how the consumer experiences their time shopping on the website. It affects the whole customer journey from beginning to end, as it might be the first thing to create interest or the last thing to settle the deal.

One great example of the effects on the customer journey is that an eCommerce business using 3D and AR often faces fewer returns while website visitors spend more time on the website browsing. Making the process simple but engaging is attractive to customers because they appreciate simplicity.

And it’s worked out great for Umage!

Outcome - Innovators offline and online

Over a third of all website visitors that come to look at Umage’s furniture use the 3D viewer to better understand what the product looks like. These views also lead to direct conversions.

Because Umage was one of the early adopters of 3D & AR technology, they are being viewed as an innovative company by their customers. Feedback from the 3D & AR approach has been very positive. Customers appreciate the features that Umage enables online and Umage appreciate the positive effect it has on their sales.

Umage has been very pleased with the Sayduck Platform and collaboration between the two companies is well-rooted. According to Umage, Integrating the platform into different domains is easy, and help is available if needed.

”Sayduck offers not only the possibility to self-set up the products on the Sayduck platform but also the client support for 3D product modeling and integration to [get started and succeed on] the Sayduck platform.”

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our experts to see how 3D and AR can help your business grow! Book a demo here!


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