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We are a team of 3D product visualization experts for over 10 years


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Niklas Slotte started Sayduck

In 2012 Niklas had an idea to be able to better shopping experiences with taking Augmented Reality technology to product visualisation. 


Sayduck platform is launched

Sayduck launched the fully self-service 3D product visualisation platform, allowing customers to build customisations for their 3D models and display them on the web, all on their own. 


Sayduck got acquired by Goodbye Kansas

Sayduck was acquired by a leading Nordic XR company, providing us with new resources to grow and offer truly scalable 3D technology for eCommerce. 

Part&Whole modular sofa configurator 
3D configurator and webAR for premium Aritco lifts 

Case Studies

Learn how our clients used Sayduck services and Sayduck Platform to meet their goals. 

Your reliable partner

in 3D product visualization

Your reliable partner in your journey to 3D product visualisation

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