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Try out Sayduck's App-less Augmented Reality

1. Click the AR icon.

2. Scan QR code with your mobile device's camera.

3. Select the AR icon on your mobile device to experience App-less AR.

Why Sayduck Augmented Reality?

How does it work?

Sayduck Augmented Reality offers one of the most intuitive immersive shopping experiences. All your shopper needs is a mobile device and an internet connection. Then simply scan the QR code with your camera and place the object in your space. 


Want to learn more about Sayduck Augmented Reality? 

Get in touch with us for a free demo!

Do you have your own 3D models?


Augmented Reality

Increase shopping confidence with try-before-you-buy online. 

Try out every variation in your own space.

Allow your shoppers to try out every color, size and shape instantly in their own space, with our Appless Augmented Reality. All in real time. 

Fill the imagination gap with immersive Augmented Reality.

It's hard to imagine how a product will look only from photos. Eliminate the imagination gap with trying before you buy, through our Appless Augmented Reality.

No app required - All through the web.

You don't need any expensive app to start using our Augmented Reality. Your shoppers can try out your products straight from your website, through any mobile device with a camera. 


increase in session duration when using Augmented Reality.


of shoppers are more likely to make an order after interacting with AR.


people use Augmented Reality in 2022, a 32% growth from 2021.

Drive the sale home with Augmented Reality.

Grow your sales with Sayduck Augmented Reality. 

Allowing your shoppers to interact with products through Augmented Reality gives them a unique chance to try any variation of your product in their own space. Let's bridge the imagination gap with Sayduck Augmented Reality. 

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