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Why Sayduck 3D Viewer?

Product Variants

Product variants represent every change in your product. Change the color, size, shape, etc.

Fully Interactive 3D

Rotate, zoom and pick the right finish and configuration – discover products like never before.

Augmented Reality

Instant product try-outs for every possible configuration straight from the browser. Learn more.

Fully supported API

Create custom UI's and navigation that reflect your brand. 

Shopify App Integration

Already using Shopify? Use our viewer and configurator in your store. Learn more.

High-Quality Visuals

Support for Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology for astonishing photorealistic results.

Configurator Support

Instantly visualise all possible configurations for your product – even when there are thousands of them.

Cross Platform

Our 3D Viewer uses WebGL technology which is supported by most modern browsers on mobile and desktop.

Share & Embed

The 3D Viewer can be shared and embedded on any website with a simple iframe-integration.

No Plug-ins

At less than 500 kB, our 3D Viewer is lightweight and won’t slow down your page speed with heavy plugins

Analytics Reports

Our analytics provide valuable insight into 3D engagement and interaction.

Secure on the Cloud

We take care of managing and protecting all of your assets with secure storage and proprietary 3D format.

Try out Sayduck 3D Viewer

Don't let the imagination gap drive your shoppers away!

Core Features

Provide interactive experience for your online shoppers, that drives buying confidence and increases shopping satisfaction. 



Hem - Alphabeta configurable pendant by Luca Nichetto.



Highly configurable wall furniture.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of our customer 3D configurators to see how the end product looks like for yourself.

Try it out for yourself with a free 14 day trial

Sayduck 3D Viewer

Increase sales by letting shoppers engage and customise your products online in real time.

Convert visitors into shoppers

Engage your website visitors with interactive 3D products. Let them personalize and try your products out with Sayduck's fully app-less and instant Augmented Reality

Display every product variation.

All in real time.

Showcase every possible variation of your product in 3D, and let your shoppers customise them. 

Change the colour, size, material, shapes, and instantly see the 360° view of your 3D product. 

Super intuitive and highly interactive 3D.

Inspire confidence and give customers an extraordinary understanding of your products with Sayduck's intuitive, interactive and easy to use 3D platform. Rotate, zoom, add information, present products in different colors, materials and finishes.

As fast as loading a jpeg. 

Replace your static images with a 360 view of your product. When properly optimized, our Sayduck 3D Viewer won't slow your website down at all. It might even improve the speed, when you replace all the 2D product images with 3D versions.

40% increase in conversions with interactive 3D

Interacting with 3D improves shopper understanding of the product, eliminating fears that the product might not fit right. 3D is the best solution to get your website visitors into converted shoppers. 

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