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Part & Whole

Guy Ferguson, Founder

“Our debut product Total is actually an open ended system, utilizing shared components that can be built in an endless variety of configurations. We needed to be able to communicate this flexibility in a simple and impactful way, without overwhelming first time customers with too much information.”

S&A Living

Nicholas Acquroff, Founder

“Your customer service is exceptional. You guys are intelligent in the way you think about things, you provide solutions to our problems, you’ve helped us model everything, and you’ve gone outside of your normal scope when we’ve needed it.”

Aritco Lift AB

Klas Dybeck, CIO/CDO

"We looked forward to developing this 3D and AR solution in collaboration with Vobling & Sayduck. It gives our customers and partners around the world the opportunity to tailor and visualize our lifts in their intended environment. By broadening our range of digital services, we continue to be one of the leading players in our industry."


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need 3D models for?

To showcase your product in Augmented Reality or to see it in the 3D Viewer, you need to have a 3D model of your product.

How long does it take to create a 3D model?

Creating a 3D model can take anywhere from days to 2-3 weeks, depending on complexity and the amount of models.

Who is it for?

Any eCommerce or marketing manager who wants to drive customer engagement with their product.

How many fixes to the 3D model can I request?

1 round of iterations is included in the 3D production process. We are happy to moderate a model further for an extra charge.

What reference materials do you need to create my products in 3D?

Product name, high-quality images from various angles, high-quality image of the product surface, color information, any kind of 3D or CAD files: .3ds, .fbx, .stp, .igs or .iges, .3dm, .sldprt, product measurements, product URL.

How many reference photos do you need?

As many as you need to give us an understanding of your product.

How much does it cost to create a 3D model?

Depending on product complexity, prices start from 179 USD for very simple models. 

What products can you create in 3D?

Any kind of product. From a jacket to interior design item, we have experience creating various types of items in 3D.

Do you do returns if the actual product was being sent for the 3D modeling purposes?

No, returns are not made after the product samples were sent to Sayduck.


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