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5 Questions with Crua Outdoors about the experience with Sayduck

Perhaps you are wondering whether 3D and Augmented Reality would make a difference for your business? Our mission at Sayduck is to make it easy for our customers to take the first step and to evaluate this new exiting technology. That’s why we asked our customer Crua Outdoors about their experience with Sayduck, which should also give any company considering 3D & AR a better picture of the experience and what is required from a client’s perspective.

Before contacting Sayduck, the Crua Outdoors team had already been brainstorming ideas on how to engage with their customers more efficiently. Capturing attention, surprising in the right way and providing a great shopping experience is fundamental for any commerce company these days. That’s why we were happy and proud to help out Crua Outdoors to take their first step into 3D and Augmented Reality.

Here are the 5 “Whys” we asked the Crua Outdoors team:

1. What were the reasons you have decided to choose Sayduck instead of other 3D and AR company?

We investigated a number of companies before choosing Sayduck. For us, the two main factors in deciding on a partner were the quality of the models and price – and in that order. We had a number of companies produce a sample model of a product for us, but unfortunately, none met our standards. Prices also varied greatly, and this often came down to the methods for creating 3D assets.

Some companies offered 3D scanning of our products, which we felt was overkill and also too costly. Other companies requested we send sample products as references. Again, this was not an option for us. After seeing Sayduck featured on Shopify‘s blog on introducing AR to their platform, we decided to reach out to them. We made contact and found their staff extremely helpful and knowledgable. We agreed on a sample product, and after seeing the quality of work they produced from simple photographs we had sent, we were convinced that Sayduck was the perfect fit for us. We found their pricing very competitive, and we were blown away by the quality of their work and attention to detail.

2. What encouraged you to try 3D and Augmented Reality?

With the global nature of eCommerce, we were thinking of a solution to allow our customers to view our products to assist them in their purchase. Like most other companies, we invested in high-quality photography and video content, but still, this was not enough for us. We wanted users to get a sense of scale and quality of our products. As a company that prides itself on innovation, and with a very forward-thinking CEO, we decided to explore 3D and AR as a solution.

We created a proof of concept app, and the general response to the 3D and especially AR functionality was an overwhelmingly positive one. Users were immediately and completely immersed in the experience. Users were walking around the tents, moving closer to view details, and even climbing „inside“ the tents. „WOW“ was the word that was used without fail when users saw the AR experience for the first time. And the timing could not have been more perfect because not long after this, Shopify announced their AR functionality. Our minds were made up, and we made a big push to implement the AR experience on our own website.

3. What gave you the confidence to make a deal with Sayduck?

From our initial introduction, right through production and delivery of assets, we found their team extremely responsive, knowledgable, professional and accommodating. The quality of their products is second to none, and their attention to detail has amazed us at each step. The modeling cloth material can be extremely difficult to get right, but Sayduck got it to spot on each time. Their pricing was also very competitive, which for most companies would be a huge factor.

4. Do you think 3D and Augmented Reality should be a must for all e-commerce businesses? If so, why?

Without a doubt, yes. 3D and AR should 100% be part of any modern eCommerce business. Having a 3D model to spin around, zoom in, and view from all angles adds a new and fun dimension to the user’s experience while making the decision to choose your product vs. your competitors. AR takes this to the next level. Your customers can see and visualise your product in a physical space, and even crawl inside them in our case. This, for us, is invaluable as the size of our products makes it difficult for us to have them in a store or showroom. With the AR experience, customers can „pitch“ the tent in their living room or back yard and instantly get a sense of scale and quality. Who needs a physical store when you have AR.

5. Have you noticed any changes in your business after 3D and Augmented Reality integration (sales, marketing and etc.)? If so, what was it?

We had a „soft launch“ of the 3D and AR experience alongside a new site re-design a few weeks ago, and since then we have noticed a dramatic rise in engagement on our product pages. Customers spend longer on these pages and as analytics show a spike in engagement with our 3D and AR experience since it‘s formal launch a few weeks back. It‘s still very early for us to say how it has affected sales, but responses to posts on social media and general marketing have been overwhelmingly positive.

About Crua Outdoors

Crua Outdoors develops technically advanced, patent-pending insulated tents & hammocks for the recreational outdoors market. The result is a highly engineered and insulated environment which protects you from the elements – sun, rain, wind and snow. The insulation also means that their tents can be darker and quieter inside when required. Crua Outdoors works with partners such as Yeti, Upscape, Oru Kayak, Klarna and others. Before contacting Sayduck, Crua Outdoors team has been brainstorming ideas on how to engage with their customers even more effectively. To surprise a customer in the right way and eventually improve one‘s experience is getting harder to implement. However, the day came when 3D models and AR joined the Crua Outdoors family. We were more than happy to create a new and unique part on their website.

Want to learn more? Contact us and let's get it rolling!


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