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3D Configurator and WebAR implementation for a premium lifts manufacturer Aritco

The recent global situation has permanently changed both B2C and B2B businesses strategies. Customers have learned the value of understanding products without being able to see or touch them, and now expect brands to create online shopping experiences that are both informative, engaging, and personally relevant. Although it might sound like a tough task to do, it is easily achievable with product visualization in 3D and WebAR.

A great example that reflects this is our recent collaboration with the premium lift manufacturer, Aritco. To keep up with the pace of inevitable digitalization, interactive product visualization in 3D and AR became the best solution for Aritco to do just that. The main task was to visualize Aritco’s three main lifts in 3D with the ability to configure each of them and view the final chosen product in AR.

Aritco Homelift 3D configurator on desktop and WebAR on a mobile device

Now Aritco’s customers are able to choose the type of lift, the number of floors, height, location of doors/windows, choice of material, lighting, and more, according to their wishes. Once the customer is happy with the customized lift that is visually presented to them, the WebAR function comes next. With only one click on a mobile device, you can now try the lift in your current environment, have a look at the details, move it around and see if it actually fits. This dynamic 3D and AR implementation makes it easier to engage with the product almost just as in-store, only while still staying safely at home.

Aritco stands for engineering, quality, and design excellence. All of this demands great tools and premium visualization in digital channels, which is exactly what the Aritco Liftguide configuration provides. – Niklas Slotte, CEO of Sayduck.

The implementation of 3D and WebAR are not only driving more sustainable purchases, as it reduces the possibility of returns but also a 3D configurator technology is proven to drive at least a 10 percent increase in sales/conversions over traditional methods. Additionally, it has also provided a competitive advantage over similar brands for Aritco.

We looked forward to developing this 3D and AR solution in collaboration with Vobling & Sayduck. It gives our customers and partners around the world the opportunity to tailor and visualize our lifts in their intended environment. By broadening our range of digital services, we continue to be one of the leading players in our industry. – Klas Dybeck, CIO/CDO at Aritco Lift AB.

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