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Part & Whole Case Study

Part & Whole has partnered with Sayduck to better showcase the high customizability of their furniture through one of the fastest in the market product configurators, and give their buyers higher control of their design and shopping experience.

About Part & Whole

A contemporary furniture company from Victoria, Canada, creating modern, highly customisable and functional furniture to last through time. Part & Whole wanted to ease the customisation process for their shoppers, allowing them to add or remove seats and arms, and be able to see how each option would fit in their homes.

“Our debut product Total is actually an open ended system, utilizing shared components that can be built in an endless variety of configurations. We needed to be able to communicate this flexibility in a simple and impactful way, without overwhelming first time customers with too much information.”

Adapting to the internet era of shopping and hastened with the emerging pandemic, Part & Whole has shifted their focus to eCommerce, however, with it came the issue of increased returns, from shoppers being unable to visualize how the furniture would fit into their spaces.

For this reason Part & Whole brought their furniture customization into 3D, straight onto their website, allowing buyers to fit the furniture in their homes and offices through Augmented Reality.


• Producing 3 configurable sofas and armchair with size, armrest and fabric variations

• Needed a custom configurator that could seamlessly integrate into their eCommerce website and fit the brand look

“We view sustainability as a priority beyond just the design of our products or the choice of materials we use. Our processes and operations must align with this approach as well, which means being critical in all areas of the business. A product is not sustainable if it has to be shipped around the world back and forth or ends up in a land fill prematurely. By focusing on the quality of our products, as well as how we present and communicate them we can minimize the impact of our company and provide a better experience for our customers.”

Part & Whole needed a configurator that would effortlessly integrate into their eCommerce website, creating a flowful shopping experience, with their 3D models replicating their real products to the smallest details, to give the real immersive AR experience, when testing out the furniture at home.

The result

In order to create an exceptional furniture shopping experience for Part & Whole customers, we made sure to create 3D furniture models that were sure to mimic the live sofas and armchair to the nail. We have also, through custom API integration, created a custom picker for configuring Part & Whole furniture to fit the website layout.

Their development team worked on creating a specific style of UI in order to adapt it to their brand look and feel.

Our modelers ensured to provide Part & Whole with the models to meet their exact needs, as well as our product team assisted with the embedding the code into their own website and further coaching with our platform editing capabilities, to allow Part & Whole add new fabrics to their sofas and armchair.

Selling large, physical products primarily through an e-commerce platform presents many challenges. We have tried to create an immersive and dynamic digital experience for our customers to break down as many of those barriers as possible. Tools like the configurator and AR help us provide an alternative to the traditional showroom model of selling furniture. In some cases we believe these assets actually improve upon the shopping experience by providing a new level of detail and personalisation.”

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