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  • Niklas Slotte

Showcase every configuration of your product! Instantly discover it in Augmented Reality

We are proud to introduce the new Sayduck 3D Configurator on the Sayduck Platform, helping companies to visually showcase complex products that come in a variety of variations and combinations. Best of all, our new 3D Configurator comes with direct support for Apple’s AR Quick Look feature – allowing instant AR experiences for any product configuration.

In our strategy and vision to help companies showcase and present products in new immersive ways, support for products that come in different kinds of combinations and configurations has always been of the highest importance for us.

With the trend of mass customisation, even big brands like Nike have started to offer a broad variety of customisable shoes at affordable prices. At Sayduck, we have been privileged to provide configurator solutions for many different clients, like S&A Living or HEM.

A typical challenge with product configurators, in general, has been the tedious and somewhat complex process of setting up the products and managing the related 3D data. With the release of the new Sayduck Configurator our goal has been to create a powerful, yet simple and easily understandable tool that allows for anyone with minimal 3D know-how to succeed in building a product configurator.

As the Configurator is now a core feature of the Sayduck Platform, the benefit is that key platform outputs such as instant AR, are now directly accessible in real-time. Therefore, we are proud to say that the Sayduck Configurator is the first configurator to directly support Apple’s popular AR Quick Look experience, allowing instant AR product try-outs for every possible product configuration!

In addition, our built-in load-on-demand feature allows us to quickly load and display the first product configuration on page load, only accessing relevant data and keeping the initial load fast and the page responsive. Whenever the user makes a change to the configuration, be it a change in shape or material, the only additional data is loaded in the follow-up loading sequence.

The Configurator comes additionally with full API support allowing creation of custom UI’s and navigation according to customer look & feel.

Available with the Business Pro plan on the Sayduck Platform Try it for 14-days free!

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