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How 3D and Augmented Reality can affect your business – Western Container Sales

These days when the competition is growing eCommerce businesses have to face customer engagement challenges together with finding ways of staying up to date with the latest technologies. One of the solutions to make both happen is to showcase your product online with 3D and Augmented Reality. It is a real thing now – trying your product virtually before buying. Imagine how it could contribute to decreasing the number of returns, increasing customer satisfaction and overall enriching the image of your online business.

According to Hosting Facts, 92% of shoppers say visuals influence their buying decision the most. Also, 32% of consumers use Augmented Reality, and 73% of mobile AR users reported either high or very high satisfaction with mobile AR experiences (ARtillery Intelligence and Thrive Analytics).

Still not impressed enough? Let’s see what our partner Western Container Sales says about the experience with 3D and AR so far. 1. What encouraged you to try 3D and Augmented Reality? Did you have this idea before contacting Sayduck? We’d been interested in creating 3D and Augmented Reality product models for a while but didn’t have the expertise in AR to make it happen on our budget.

2. What were the reasons you have decided to choose Sayduck instead of other 3D and AR companies? Sayduck seemed very open to taking on our project, and we were impressed by their professionalism during the initial conversations. Sayduck was also much more affordable than contracting the project through a digital consulting firm.

3. Did you have any doubts about the benefits of 3D and AR? Has it changed later on? If yes, what were the reasons? We sell ocean cargo containers, and we had some concerns about creating an accurate 3D model of a 40′ shipping container (it’s not really the type of thing that you can throw in front of a completely white background). The team at Sayduck did a great job working with us to make a complex project happen. In the end, we were extremely pleased with the look of the completed 3D model.

4. Do you think 3D and Augmented Reality should be a must-try for eCommerce businesses? If so, why? With as little as it costs to create 3D products through Sayduck, every eCommerce business should test the impact Augmented Reality could have on their business.

5. Where have you used 3D and AR (eCommerce, marketing, sales, customer service, events, etc.)? We primarily use the 3D image files that were created by Sayduck in our web-marketing. Whether it’s for social media content or a product image for our website, it’s very useful to have 3D image files that you spin to the perfect angle for your content.

6. Have you noticed any changes in your business after 3D and Augmented Reality integration? If so, what was it? We’ve found that 3D images can sometimes be a better way to communicate with your customers that an actual photograph. The versatility of the 3D model allows us to effectively say whatever we need to say to our customer. We’ve gone back to Sayduck two additional times for new product types since completing our first project, and we feel very fortunate to have them as a vendor partner.

About Western Container Sales One of the Western Container Sales services is to help customers buy shipping containers at wholesale prices through their network of intermodal equipment providers and shipping lines. There are various containers defined by location and dimensions. We are glad that Sayduck has been a part of the new and unique part on Western Container Sales website. It was a big step forward that we know for sure!

Now, are you ready to start a journey with 3D and AR? Contact out experts and let's take it from there.

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