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Talking 3D and Configurable products with S&A Living

Based in Australia, S&A Living has made home decoration products for almost a century. During this time, S&A Living has become synonymous with consistency, quality, and style. As times change and as visualisation technology evolves, new ways emerge to present products. It has been exciting for us to help S&A Living take the first step in using 3D and Augmented Reality.

Giving a perfect understanding of a product, especially in online retail, has always been challenging. However, nowadays 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) can change the whole game in e-commerce by making it easy and simple to visualise complex products that come in multiple variations and configurations.

“Our new product range for S&A Living is a modular system, and one of the biggest problems we’ve always had is having customers see how things are going to look at home. Sayduck is helping us to change our industry – because we’re able to show people pre-modelled products that we’ve put together into ranges. In the past, it’s always been custom from the ground up”, says Nicholas Acquroff from S&A Living.

S&A Living wall furniture - George custom 3D configurator and Isabella displayed in webAR

“In a retail environment it’s a brilliant solution. We like to sell our products with real and tangible imagery. The Sayduck Platform is an incredible customisation tool that allows people to visualize what they are getting. We hope that this means that they’ll follow through with their selections, choose a higher value and more sophisticated products”, Nicholas continues.

“You guys are excellent to work with; intelligent, proactive, thoughtful, fast.” – S&A Living, Nicholas Acquroff

Having the option of showcasing a precise product configuration is a clear advantage and sharing this common vision is a strong validation point for us at Sayduck and confirms why we strongly believe in what we do.

How has it been working with Sayduck?

“Your customer service is exceptional. You guys are intelligent in the way you think about things, you provide solutions to our problems, you’ve helped us model everything, and you’ve gone outside of your normal scope when we’ve needed it.”

What has the effect of 3D and AR been in your business?

“Our customers find it fascinating and simple. We’ve integrated the Sayduck 3D Configurator with our own pricing module on the front end and implemented a screen reader plugin that reads the value on the components and then adds that value to the price. It’s a great live pricing tool.”

We are proud of helping S&A Living take their first steps into showcasing their products in 3D and Augmented Reality and look forward to share more similar stories with you in the future.

About S&A Living

S&A Living is an Australian company making timber products since 1920. Together with S&A Stairs this company is known for a high quality design, materials and manufacturing. Everything is made with the same values that have seen S&A flourish for the past 100 years. You can find the full S&A Living story here or more about S&A Stairs here.

Check it out yourself! See how our 3D customisations work.

In this blog series, we ask our customers to share their experience of working with Sayduck. Our goal is to explain how we work and how we help our customers to take the first step in using 3D and Augmented Reality in their business. Don’t miss our previous discussion with Crua Outdoors.

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