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MedTech Company Rimasys Uses 3D and AR in Surgical Education

In this article, we cover a unique case of 3D and AR implementation in the Healthcare industry for surgical education purposes.

Rimasys which is focusing on enhancing surgical education and improving patient outcomes by deploying realistic fractures for practical skill training and medical device development chose Sayduck to partner on 3D and WebAR integration.

With 3D and AR technology, Rimasys is now able to showcase its mobile labs which are available for rent for surgical training. The main benefit is that these labs now can be virtually experienced and viewed from different angles in hospitals or other places by using only a mobile device without visiting the real mobile training lab. We’ve talked shortly with André Passon, Co-Founder of Rimasys about how 3D and AR technologies contribute to their customers experience.

What were your initial expectations about the 3D and AR integration to your company?

We have a B2B product which is globally unique and difficult to explain. Our expectation was to facilitate the discussion with potential clients through 3D visualisation and make on-site visits during the sales process obsolete. Further, we wanted it to be easily integrated into our webpages and communication tools so customers can intuitively use it without any extra effort.

Why have you decided to collaborate with Sayduck?

Sayduck solution looked the most intuitive and professional to us. Also, the possibility to get support in the 3D model creation was an essential part for us as this is not part of our competences.

What are the aspects of your company that 3D and AR could improve?

We are able to save on travel and site visits during the sales process. And customers even can place our surgical lab inside their facility with the AR function which is a very powerful sales tool. Overall we became more effective in customer engagement.

Did the current pandemic situation affect your choice for the 3D and AR integration to your company?

We had the need even before the current situation but the integration definitely compensated for the missing face to face opportunities with our customers.

How do you see the future of 3D and AR integration in Healthcare?

Healthcare products are also becoming more patient-centric, so 3D and AR are important aspects of allowing the end-user to see and experience the products prior to its usage. Healthcare products are also often very complex so the 3D feature will definitely help to increase patient safety and educate on proper usage.

Rimasys surgical lab in WebAR.

About Rimasys

Rimasys was founded in 2016 and has been awarded as one of “Europe’s Top 40 Digital Health & MedTech Companies” at the Tech Tour 2017 “Healthtech Summit” in Lausanne. In 2018 the high-class training facility Cadlab Cologne was inaugurated as a surgical innovation and training center. In 2019, its own educational concepts were launched under the brand of Trauma Academy as a novel approach to practical skill training providing the highest possible quality and innovation. Rimasys sets new standards in surgical education and the MedTech industry through realistic training with fractures and aims to establish this new philosophy around the world. New partnerships with hospital chains, global enterprises, and national medical societies will drive the adoption and advancement in the next generation’s surgical community.

Read the official press release here.

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