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Showcase your products in 3D and let your shoppers customise them

Check out a Hem Sayduck integration for Shopify

How does it look in practise?

Sayduck for Shopify

Drive sales with immersive 3D products on your Shopify store. No code required. 

What really is it?

Shoppers who interact with 3D products are 11X times more likely to purchase. With Sayduck App for Shopify you can effortlessly have your product catalogue synched between both platforms, to create not only an interactive shopping experience, but with each configuration also update the price and stock.

Pure integration between your Shopify catalogue and your Sayduck 3D products

Augmented Reality

With 3D product customisation shoppers can instantly preview any customised product in augmented reality instantly through the web, in their own space, to really understand how it looks like. Using augmented reality can boost your sales up 40%, as the customers can experience what it’s like to own their own customised product without buying it first. Sayduck offers a fully responsive and fast mobile AR experience. Click on the QR code to try it out yourself.

App-less augmented Reality preview of any 3D product configuration.

Live pricing and stock monitoring

With simple Sayduck X Shopify integration you can update pricing based on the setup, colours, materials, size and any other criteria, changed directly in the Sayduck 3D configurator. You can also automatically display whenever any of the materials are out of stock, while still displaying all possible options.

Update product price and stock as your product is customised

Endless product customisation

Shoppers are more likely to purchase products, that they can customise to their own preferences. With Sayduck configurator you can offer infinite customisation options, allowing to always know how the end result will look like.

Shoppers can change the material, colour, shape and size, and much more of any of your product in Sayduck 3D configurator.

The first no-code Shopify 3D Product Configurator

With the new Sayduck App for Shopify, you won’t need to copy-paste code anywhere on your Shopify store to display product 3D models.

Easy to integrate. Quick to start using.

When visitors view a product in AR, they became 65% more likely to make the purchase. 


Get a commitment-free demo to learn if Sayduck 3D visualisation is for you.

Grow your sales through Shopify with Sayduck.

Core Features

Why choose Sayduck for your Shopify store?


Get started.

Start building shopping experiences that convert, with Sayduck Shopify integration. 

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