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  • Rugile Uždavinytė

How Lund University students used the Sayduck Platform to showcase their final projects in 3D and AR

Just like for businesses, it has become especially important for educational institutions to come up with not only convenient but also interesting digital ways to carry out the learning process when proceeding with the traditional teaching which suddenly became impossible. This example from Lund University, which we will present here, reflects just that. The annual Degree show this year was presented entirely online:

“For the first time ever, the Lund University School of Industrial Design will host its entire annual Degree Show online. This is our response to uncertainty – standing in-between the past and future – and to these times of great change.”

– Lund University School of Industrial Design

We’ve had an interesting talk with Dante Zilliacus from Lund University School of Industrial Design about why they’ve chosen 3D & AR and how the future might look like for the educational institutions if it becomes a matter of course.

How did you come up with the idea to use 3D and AR for your Degree Show this year?

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, we were not able to host our annual degree show at Ingvar Kamprads Design Centre as we usually do, and came up with the idea of using digital tools, like AR, to grant people the ability to experience the exhibition and the degree projects in the comfort and safety of their own home.

The 3D and AR tools from Sayduck allowed people to explore the projects in detail, as if they had the finished product right in front of them.

What were the reasons you have chosen the Sayduck Platform for this matter?

We chose to team up together with Sayduck on this matter since they have a lot of experience within AR and deliver a wholesome solution that matched what we wanted to achieve with our exhibition.

What features students have been using on the Sayduck Platform for their projects?

The 3D Viewer and AR.

What learning opportunities do you see with 3D and AR in the future? Could this become a regular part of the teaching process?

We had the need even before the current situation but the integration definitely compensated for the missing face to face opportunities with our customers.

How do you see the future of 3D and AR integration in Healthcare?

I see a great future in the use of AR and VR applications in both education and the industry of design. The ability to create, evaluate, and showcase in VR and AR will greatly increase the efficiency of communicating design concepts, meanwhile providing a platform for concept development that is more true to nature than ever before.

During the past decade, designers have used the two-dimensional techniques of sketching and drawing to illustrate forms and functions that take place in three-dimensional space. And they had to spend significant time building physical prototypes just to accurately see and evaluate how their idea will function in its true form. With the introduction of powerful XR tools, like the Sayduck Platform, creators are finally free to express and try their ideas without feeling inhibited by their tools or the time it takes to work with the traditional approaches.


RANGER – NextGen Electric Surfboards. By Snehan Chakravarthi.

THE FIELD WARDEN – An Autonomous Agricultural Carrier. By Samuel Norup.

Find all of the projects here.

At the Lund University School of Industrial Design (LUSID), we are focused on allowing students to shape themselves as designers. We encourage professional collaboration, pushing the boundaries of design and questioning society to effect change. With our position in Scandinavia, our international focus and our expansive facilities, we have the unique ability to allow students a platform to study remote areas in the field of design. From social activism to new material experimentation, we want to encourage our students to develop creativity and personality to become influential within – and beyond – the field of design.

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