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Introducing Photorealistic Rendering on the Sayduck Platform

With the surge in online shopping, having high quality product photography is more important than ever before. Constantly creating fresh product visuals for e-commerce companies is an expensive and time consuming endeavour, however, with Virtual Photography, otherwise known as Photorealistic Rendering, e-commerce businesses can now get a steady flow of product visuals for all their marketing and sales activities within seconds.

Sayduck Platform rendering of the Crua Outdoors Hybrid Tent / Hammock

With our new Virtual Photography feature, it’s now easy to turn a 3D model into high-quality, photorealistic, visual content. With our “one-click” approach marketers and e-commerce managers can create highly realistic product images with ease and no prior 3D understanding at a fraction of the cost and effort of professional product photography.

As Venngage reports, having good visual product presentations is one of the key aspects of today’s marketing strategies. The fact that professional photo shootings can be expensive and time consuming has prompted companies to start creating high quality images using 3D renderings as an alternative.

35% of marketers report that creating engaging visual content consistently is one of their top struggles. – Venngage

Our Photorealistic Rendering feature has a user-friendly “one-click” design that renders studio-quality product photos with just a click of a button. Its use requires no prior knowledge or tweaking of settings since its framework is optimised to accurately calculate the physical behaviours of real-world materials and their interaction with light.

The Photorealistic Rendering feature is available under the ‘Embed & Export’ tab

We understand that rendering, in general, can be a tedious process especially when products come in multiple different variants and color variations. That is why we designed the rendering to take place on our servers, allowing you to render multiple products and all their variations in on go – making the process more efficient in whole. Vallila Interior is one of the first textile companies to take full advantage of the Sayduck Platform allowing them, in addition to photorealistic renderings, to showcase products both in 3D on their website and in Augmented Reality (AR) on a mobile device.

Click to enlarge images of Renders of Vallila Interior products, rendered at 4K and rescaled to 2K

The advantage of 3D renderings can easily be measured in savings on product photo shoots, but in addition it also open the door for many other additional and unique benefits. For example, trying out out new colours, finishes and materials on already existing designs is easily achievable when working in 3D. Also, in the process of product creation and prototyping, as well as pre-sales, having the possibility to create compelling images before the physical product exists is a real advantage.

Unlike photo shoots, that are bound to the limitations of the planned physical stagings, 3D rendering offers far more flexibility – limited only by the imagination. Building virtual sets and environments, creating light setups that will capture the essence of a specific product and showcasing them in the very best light is simply part of a normal 3D workflow.

Click to enlarge renders of Crua Outdoors tents using the Sayduck Platform

The Photorealistic Rendering feature is now available for all our users on the Sayduck Platform.

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