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Why Augmented Reality should be your top priority in eCommerce

In past years Augmented Reality (AR) has been really helpful for eCommerce companies to keep their shopper interest peaked, changing from a fun have feature, to a must, for reaching younger or more tech oriented clientele. Our sister company - Vobling took a cargo solutions provider's Kalmar's forklifts to AR space to allow their B2B customers to experience the product before committing to an order.

The era of the door-to-door salesman is long gone, and increasingly so are physical retail spaces. The emergence of online shopping is allowing retailers to shift their focus to digital platforms to reach customers, and this process is being accelerated by various COVID-19 countermeasures restricting access to stores and outlets.

Virtual and augmented reality is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the online shopping experience, where the technology is used to visualise and try products from a wide range of industries. Google and Apple, the developers behind the most popular web browsers, have recently added augmented reality support, allowing shoppers not only to navigate products on screen in 3D, but also to place these products in their surroundings with the help of the camera. Sayduck, is leveraging these advancements in browser technology by developing a platform that easily allows retailers to visualise products in 3D and augmented reality on their own websites.


Kalmar, a cargo handling solutions provider under Cargotec Sweden AB, leveraged augmented reality to sell their products in the forklifts segment. AR visualisations allowed their B2B customers to experience the product and explore functionalities through interactive features, with the use of a mobile device.

Regardless if you are in the business of selling forklifts to enterprise clients or sunglasses to the general public, augmented and virtual reality could be a tool to increase sales in times where physical demonstrations and store visits are impossible.

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